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CHANGE architects were founded in 2005 as a multidisciplinary firm that is fully committed to the design and construction industries. We are considered as one-stop-shop since we are providing full architecture & interior design services

For more than 8 years (2005-2013) CHANGE architects have covered a wide range of projects starting from the concept design stage for architecture & interior design projects up to construction supervision and fit-out stages.

In 2020 CHANGE architects reopened their office in Cairo with great passion to give our client's an exceptional design and construction experience



To earn lifetime loyalty of our clients by consistently delivering high-end projects, High performing design, and construction services.

To be unique,  flexible, and to have a footprint in the market by giving our clients room of creativity.


Every project is a new design exercise that requires a fresh concept design. Our main driver is always our client’s functional needs and how it will be reflected in all project parameters such as but not limit to perspectives, Budget, Utilities & regulations.

We explore with our clients their requirements & needs and we always try to expand our client's knowledge and imagination to reach a totally new level. Our target not just a make a decent design but make a real change in the space.



By doing the right thing, being honest, showing integrity, being consistent & providing fair treatment.


By consistently over-achieving targeted goals, achieving established goals and objectives, demonstrating competence recognizing the achievements of all.


By continually getting better exceeding established goals and objectives developing superior skills and abilities.


By being here to stay demonstrating a caring attitude, being loyal, sharing a mutual desire to succeed acknowledge our previous accomplishments.


By pursuing strategic opportunities, being creative & initiating changes.

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